Camping at Nocturnal? Here's What You Need To Pack!

Hi everyone! As you may know, Nocturnal is providing a camping option this year for the very first time! Naturally, there may be some questions about what to bring (and what NOT to bring), as well as general camping guidelines and timelines. The document will be broken into 6 parts:

  1. Nocturnal Camping Requirements - Mandatory items for entry into the campgrounds

  2. Personal Effects: Campgrounds - Items recommended for use on the campgrounds

  3. Personal Effects: Inside Nocturnal - Items recommended once in the venue

  4. Camping Equipment - Supplies & Food for the campsite itself

  5. Camping Provisions - Cutlery, disposal, etc.

  6. Timeline - Schedule of events 

Don't wait until the last minute! Start organizing everything the weekend before (or sooner!)


Nocturnal Camping Requirements

Official Insomniac App (Android / iOS)

    1. This app is required to activate your wristbands for the festival, and should be activated upon arrival to the campgrounds.


      1. Guard your wristband with your life. It contains an RFID chip that is scanned upon entry into the initial campground check-in and for entry into the Nocturnal venue.
      2. It’s important to note that once you tighten your wristband, you CANNOT loosen it again without cutting it off. So make sure you have approximately 2 fingers’ worth of space in your wristband for comfort. Keep in mind that these wristbands will be on your wrist for up to 4 days, so make sure you’re comfortable with the tightness since it’s not adjustable.

      Car Camping Pass & Wristband

        1. Your festival wristband will be scanned upon entry, along with your vehicle decal. Each group member will then also be given a camping wristband. DO NOT LOSE THIS because it’s how you’ll get back and forth between the campground and festival

        Entry to Camping

          1. Upon entry to the campground, vehicles will be thoroughly searched. If you have any “recreational items,” make sure they’re, well, you know. Security WILL do a thorough search. They will likely also do a light pat down on individuals.

          Camping and Festival Entry

            1. All campers will have in/out privileges to and from the festival (during festival hours) and a dedicated campers-only festival entrance.
            2. Campers must scan in & out when going from the campground to the festival and vice versa. This is required in order to gain re-entry.
            3. Campers with a valid camping wristband ARE allowed to leave the campground on foot.
            4. Festivalgoers who do not have valid camping wristbands will not have in/out privileges from the festival to the campground or access to the campground at any time.

            Personal Effects: Campgrounds

            Note: If you're camping at Nocturnal, some (not all) of these items can also be brought into the festival grounds as well, but I’m noting them in this section since you’re more likely to use these items at the campgrounds before getting inside.

            Official list of acceptable items:



              1. Dress in layers! Prepare for the heat during the day (may get up to 100) and for cooler temps at night (as low as around 60). Wear breathable and comfortable clothing that you don’t mind sweating a bit in. It’s possible to look good for instagram and wear weather-appropriate clothing.
              2. Night: Since it can get a little chilly at night, make sure you bring plenty of warm blankets and sleeping gear.


                1. Nocturnal campgrounds have showers, so you can bring your shampoo, body wash, conditioner, loofah, deodorant, etc. more on this in the Camping Equipment section
                2. Remember to bring a towel and flippy floppies as well!

                Personal Care

                  1. Ladies, bring your makeup, face jewels, glitter, hair ties, headbands, etc.
                  2. Guys, don’t forget to bring hair product, cologne, etc.

                camping at nocturnal rave face jewels packing essentials


                    1. If you require medication, make sure you bring it with you.
                    2. “Supplemental” medication I would include are Excedrin, Tylenol, Advil and Vitamin B12. 
                    3. Allergy medication may not be a bad idea since there will likely be a lot of crud in the air from everyone running and jumping around

                    Oral Hygiene

                      1. Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash.

                      Lotion / Moisturizer / Sunscreen / Chapstick

                        1. It’s gonna be hot out there in the desert. Bring whatever you use so you don’t dry up out there.

                        Pocket Tissues

                          1. In case you need to wipe anything up
                          2. Also, you don’t want to end up in a porta-potty with no toilet paper, right?

                          Baby Wipes / Makeup Wipes

                            1. Perfect for a quick between-showers freshen up, or if you're too exhausted to use the showers before bed

                            Hand Sanitizer

                              1. You never know what you’re gona touch at a rave.. 

                              Personal Effects: Inside Nocturnal

                              Note: If you're camping at Nocturnal, some of these items can also be used at the campsite as well, but I’m noting them in this section since you’re more likely to use these items inside Nocturnal.

                              Camelbak or similar water backpack

                                1. Empty upon entry into the festival

                                Wallet / Fanny Pack / Something to hold your ID and methods of payment

                                  1. Your ID will be required for gaining access the Beer Gardens.
                                  2. It shouldn’t be a surprise, but make sure you keep your wallet safe. Nocturnal is prime pickpocketing territory, and I’d hate for anyone to fall victim to this (it's definitely happened to me before!)

                                  Sunglasses / Diffraction Glasses

                                  1. Sunnies for the daytime, Kaleidies for the night time!

                                  camping at nocturnal what to pack essentials rave diffraction glasses kaleidoscope

                                  Bandana / Cute Dust Masks (Like these!)

                                    1. It’s not just for style and fashion, it actually serves a purpose. There’s a lot of dust that gets kicked up into the air due to a mass of people moving around combined with the wind.


                                    Power Banks / External Batteries

                                      1. Realistically speaking, your phone will die. You have to be able to supply your phone with power for 3-4 days.
                                      2. Bring as many fully charged power banks as you can
                                      3. Cars should not be used to charge phones unless they are running. Too many dead batteries happen at rave camping.
                                      4. Pocket Flashlight: It’s uncanny how many people drop their stuff within the festival or camping at Nocturnal when it's dark.

                                    Rave Toys and Fun Gear

                                      1. LED Fairy Wings are the perfect additional to any rave outfit, and my personal favorite. Great for light shows, fashion photos, and are just gorgeous to look at, day or night! Check them out here.
                                      2. Fiber Optic Whips are sturdy and durable while providing hours of endless entertainment. We highly recommend this product. Get yours here!
                                      3. Poi balls (or other fun pois)
                                      4. LED Gloves if you're into that
                                      5. Diffraction Goggles are a fun way to enjoy the lights and effects of Nocturnal without having to really do much at all! Check them out here.

                                      Ear Plugs

                                        1. It can get loud at some of the sets, so these can be used to reduce the decibels and save your hearing while still being able to listen to the music.
                                        2. At night, you can use these if you’re a light sleeper since it’s not uncommon for people to party through the night.

                                        Camping Equipment

                                        Note: Not all of these are required, but I would seriously consider most of them.


                                          1. Nocturnal discourages sleeping in vehicles due to safety concerns.

                                          Sleeping Gear

                                            1. Sleeping Bag, Pillow(s), thin blanket, air mattress, cushions, etc. Whatever you need to get the well-needed rest between days.

                                            10 x 10 EZ Up Canopy

                                              1. Camping at Nocturnal in the summer heat, there’s never too much shade. The EZ up canopy will provide a good amount of protection.
                                              2. Also go for the canopies that have straight-legs as opposed to angled legs. This is so there’s no encroachment onto any neighboring campsites’ area.

                                              Party Table 

                                                1. At least 1 table to put stuff on like food and other items
                                                2. Other tables for beer pong and other shenanigans


                                                  1. Who knows when you’ll need a light?


                                                  Roughly 3 Large Coolers

                                                    1. One cooler will contain food
                                                    2. One cooler will contain drinks
                                                    3. One cooler will contain Frozen water bottles (acts like ice throughout the weekend)


                                                      1. Non-Cooking Foods: Specifically food that doesn’t need to be cooked and that would last in the cooler all weekend:
                                                        1. Non-perishables: Bread, PB&J, Jerkey, Trail Mix, Granola/protein bars, cakes/muffins, bagels,rice cakes, chips/salsa/guac, pop tarts/cookies, canned/fresh fruits (bananas, apples, grapes, tangerines), dry cereal, oatmeal, precooked pancakes, pretzels, crackers, gf pita??, applesauce, granola, cornbread,
                                                        2. Perishables: Energy drinks, carrots, celery, hummus, tuna, mayo, relish, hot sauce, hard-boiled eggs, yogurt, salads,
                                                      2. Grill Foods: Propane only grills are allowed and highly recommended
                                                        1. Example Grill foods: Quesadilla ingredients, hot dogs, burgers, buns
                                                      3. Etc: Teas and instant coffee

                                                      Water Bottles

                                                        1. Bring at least 1 packs of water bottles for every person. And the more frozen the better

                                                        Plastic storage Bin 

                                                          1. This will hold food that would typically not need to be refrigerated

                                                          Lawn Chairs

                                                            1. Everyone should bring one, unless you don’t mind standing the whole time at camp or sitting in a tent / car. 

                                                            Portable Shower Tent w/ Water Bladder

                                                              1. If you don’t want to use the showers at Nocturnal, plan on bringing a portable shower with a water bladder that holds up to 5 gallons

                                                              Flashlights / Lantern / Headlamps

                                                                1. Useful when navigating the campsite at night, unless you’d rather use the flashlight on your phone instead.

                                                                Rubber Mallet

                                                                  1. In case we need to hammer anything like tent stakes
                                                                  2. Rubber is important because a typical hammer will get confiscated.

                                                                  Plastic Stakes

                                                                    1. To keep tents down, only plastic stakes are allowed (no metal)
                                                                    2. These will also be used to secure the EZ ups.
                                                                    3. Duct tape, Zip-Ties, Bungee Cords

                                                                    Tarps or sheets to separate you from your neighbors

                                                                      1. Optional unless you're a terrified introvert

                                                                      Cars / Games

                                                                        1. To kill time and bond with your campmates and neighbors if you're not aforementioned terrified introvert :)

                                                                        Camping Provisions

                                                                        Note: Again, some of these are not required but still highly recommended.

                                                                        Drinkable Water 

                                                                          1. Above everything else, you can’t enjoy camping at Nocturnal if you’re getting dehydrated or suffering from heat strokes in the middle of the festival. This is priority #1.
                                                                          2. Water bottles should be frozen before departing in order to reduce the sublimation rate of the dry ice.

                                                                          Utility Water (e.g. those gallon bottles you get from the store for like a dollar)

                                                                            1. Water that will be utilized for various reasons such as brushing teeth, portable shower water or camp cleaning and refreshing. If any is leftover, we can use it for drinking.


                                                                              1. Hard alcohol
                                                                              2. Cold beers 
                                                                              3. Mixers and juices for chasers

                                                                              Cutlery & Dishware

                                                                                1. Plastic spoons, forks and knives
                                                                                2. Paper plates
                                                                                3. Disposable cups 

                                                                                Large Trash Bags 

                                                                                  1. We are a group of civilized individuals, not savages. Let’s keep the campgrounds clean.


                                                                                    1. Mustard, ketchup, whatever you want for sammiches

                                                                                    Timeline (Thursday, 9/13, 6pm – Sunday, 9/16, 3pm.)

                                                                                    Campgrounds open at 6pm, Thursday 9/13

                                                                                      1. In theory, the earlier you're in line, the better your spot will be

                                                                                    Pre-Festival Event (Thursday 9/13)

                                                                                        1. There is usually fun stuff to do Thursday night if you wana get a taste of what's to come

                                                                                        Event (Friday 9/14-9/15)

                                                                                          1. We rage from 5pm–2am! Entrance back and forth between the festival and campgrounds is unlimited. Lock your cars and make sure valuables are with you or in a very safe place
                                                                                          2. Food etc. can be left on the campsite 

                                                                                          Departure: Campgrounds must be exited by 3pm, Sunday 9/16

                                                                                            1. Though you can leave before that



                                                                                            Well that's all I've got folks! Hope you've got a good idea of what to pack if you're camping at Nocturnal. If you have any other suggestions, leave them in the comments section below! Other than that, be good people (reasonably) and HAPPY CAMPING YA'LL!


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