Escape 2018 Set Times Downloadable PDF

Headliners, it's finally time to start planning your Halloween weekend! Halloween is one of my favorite times of year, and Escape is always one of my favorite events. The positive energy from everyone is simply intoxicating! And by now, the official mobile app for Insomniac's Escape Psycho Circus 2018 is available NOW for iOS and Android... meaning set times are out!

Of course, the Escape app is a great resource for the festival. There's official information on all their attractions, maps, artists, and even scheduling features. But, if you're a visual person like me, the one thing that Escape's artist lineup lacks is one overall view of the artist set times. 

That's why we've put together a visual: The Escape 2018 Set Times Downloadable PDF! Totally free for everyone to download and edit via excel (or google docs!) We've also got the festival map and full artist list.

So without further ado, here is the full artist list & set times and stages as of October 23, 2018!

FRIDAY, October 26

SATURDAY, October 27

Download Your Escape 2018 Set Times Downloadable PDF!

Our official, custom Escape 2018 Set Times Downloadable PDF. Accurate as of October 23: 

Escape 2018 Set Times Halloween Artist List

Get your Escape 2018 Set Times Downloadable PDF

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Flow Artist Meetup

You may have noticed two special DJ sets in the Escape 2018 Set Times Downloadable PDF, one for each day. At 10pm during Andy C there will be an orbiter flow artist meetup. Typically you can find orbiters at the back left of the stage, if you're looking directly at the stage. On Saturday at 9pm you can find these special people at the back left of Cannibal's Tea Party during Claude Vonstroke.

If you've never hung out with the flow crowd, I highly recommend it! Full of good vibes, cool lights, and even cooler people, the flow shows are where I love to be most of the set. Check it out if you've never seen them before. And ask for a light show! Many of them love to practice and perform for others, and they certainly won't bite. 


And if you've been thinking about picking up an orbit yourself, check out our Zero Orbit and X3 Orbite! Complete for beginners and experts alike, there's no additional pieces you need to buy with these sets! 

Escape 2018 Festival Map

Escape 2018 Festival Map

Escape 2018 Artist List

Escape 2018 Artist Set Times Halloween

Final Note

We hope you love our Escape 2018 Set Times Downloadable PDF as much as we do! Start planning your event and don't forget to check out the flow fam in the back left of certain sets! Or even pick yourself up a Zero Orbit or Orbite X3!

Happy Raving y'all!


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