It's Time! Grab Your FREE Dreamstate 2018 Set Times Downloadable Image

Dreamstate SoCal Set Times Are Out - Here’s Your Downloadable Artist Set Times Spreadsheet!

Ah Dreamstate… One of the most beloved and heart-warming of insomniac festivals. Filled with wild costumes, great vibes, beautiful flow artists, and all around music lovers, Dreamstate arguably is the embodiment of PLUR. And this year, Dreamstate returns to the NOS event center the Friday and Saturday of Thanksgiving, on November 23-24.

dreamstate socal 2018 set times downloadable image lasers

If you’ve never made it to a Dreamstate event, we highly encourage it, if even for the energy alone. Some of the very biggest names in trance music, as well as vicious collaborations between huge artists make it a trance head’s dream. This year is no exception.

With names like Vini Vici, Gareth Emery, and Paul Van Dyk, Dreamstate 2018 Artist lineup is nothing short of spectacular (and can you imagine the lasers???)

One thing Dreamstate does lack though, is a top down visual list of the artist set times. That’s why we at MoonQuail have put together alongside the artist list, a unique and clear to read visual: The Dreamstate 2018 Set Times Downloadable Image.

Totally free and super useful when you don’t want to manually compare who is playing at particular times and where, the downloadable Image is available for download as well as editable excel table (in case you’re like me and enjoy color coding your sets).

Alright we won’t keep you waiting. Here’s your full artist list by day as well as your free Dreamstate 2018 Set Times Downloadable Image (accurate as of 11/20) <3



Dreamstate 2018 Set Times Downloadable Image

We know following set times can be hard, especially when there are a lot of your favorite artists playing in one night. That’s exactly why we’ve made our Dreamstate 2018 Set Times downloadable Image for you. (Now isn’t that something to be thankful for!) Download it, share it, and use it!

Free PDF Download

Downloadable Image:

dreamstate socal 2018 set times downloadable image

Editable Excel Sheet (.XLS)

Dreamstate Artist List Image

dreamstate socal 2018 artist set times

Dreamstate Flow Artist Meetups

dreamstate socal 2018 set times downloadable image flow artist meetupNow that you have your 2018 Dreamstate Set Times Downloadable Image saved to your phone, you’ll know exactly when and where you’ll be! If you’d like to meet up with us at Dreamstate this year, drop us a note! Whether you’re a casual trance listener, or are just there for the vibes, there’s always time to meet for a light show or two. Our MoonQuail flow artists will be floating around at various stages, typically in the back left of the stages.

To stay more up to date on meetups, follow @moonquail on instagram or twitter.

Don't have a flow prop? Not a problem! You can join us for dancing and flowing anyway! If you're interested in any flow toy, just ask someone at the event, or visit our collection of flow arts and grab yourself a pair of LED gloves, orbits, light whips, and more for 20% off through Black Friday! Just use code QUAILFRIDAY during checkout.


General Event Details

Dates: Friday, November 23 & Saturday, November 24
Hours: 5pm-2am (Will Call: 4pm-1am)
Location: NOS Events Center, 689 S. E St., San Bernardino, CA 92408

For a complete list of festival policies and items that are allowed, go to Dreamstate’s Info page.

Don’t yet have your ticket but plan to go? Grab yours today via FrontGate Tickets!

Dreamstate SoCal 2018 Festival Map:


Reminder To Be Aware of Your Surroundings and Take Care of Your Belongings (That Includes Your Friends!)

It’s unfortunate but many people at music festivals, Dreamstate included, have reported instances of pickpocketing. This includes phones, wallets, and even flow toys. It’s happened to us on multiple occasions, so it’s important to take care of your valuables and take care of your friends who may not be paying attention.

Enjoy Dreamstate this Year and Stay PLUR!

We hope you get as much use out of our downloadable image as we do. Here’s to another year of Trancegiving fellow ravers!



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