Nocturnal Wonderland: Camping Food with No Cooking

Looking for a quick and easy last-minute list of camping foods that you don’t need to cook? Look no further! Whether you’re packing snacks in a box or refreshing drinks in a cold cooler, camping often means “preparing” rather than “cooking.” Here’s our list of easy camping food (no cooking!) for Nocturnal Wonderland coming up.

Ingredients for Meals or Meals Prepared Prior to Leaving:

    • Flour Tortillas
      • Tortillas hold up much better than bread, especially in heat
      • Also great with peanut butter and banana
    • Flour tortilla sandwich wrap ingredients
      • Cooked chicken + tomatoes + lettuce + Caesar dressing
      • Cooked chicken + buffalo sauce + lettuce
      • Cooked shrimp + avocado + cilantro lime dressing
    • Sandwich ingredients
      • Peanut Butter, Jelly (in plastic containers)
      • Cooked & cooled bacon, lettuce, tomatoes
      • Sandwich meats, lettuce, pickles
    • Condiments
      • Salt, pepper, hot sauce, ketchup, mustard, relish
    • Greek yogurt cups
      • With granola and dried or fresh fruit
    • Multigrain bagels
      • Top with peanut butter
    • Fresh Veggies with hummus
      • Carrots, celery, broccoli, cherry tomatoes
    • Salami or other cold cut preserved meats
    • Pre-made salads
      • Typical salad (dressing separate)
      • Pasta salad, potato salad, quinoa salad, or bean salad
      • Bagged salad kits such as those from the grocery store
    • Breakfast shakes
    • Cooked and wrapped up pizza
      • Not everyone loves pizza cold, but if you do this is a great time to pack it!
    • Oatmeal packets
      • Easy to add water overnight and top with fruit or nuts to eat in the morning)

    Snacks for In-Between Meals or Festival Activities:

    • Berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries)
      • 2 days worth MAX, these always go bad quickly
      • Fresh fruits that are not bruised easily
        • Peaches, bananas, grapes
        • If you don’t plan to cool them, bring only 1-2 days worth. If you have the ability to cool them, 3-4 days should last.
        • Food that will last without being cooled and can last a full week
          • Oranges, asian pears, apples
        • Dried fruits
          • Cranberries, Apricots, Raisins
        • Pre-washed and cut veggies
          • Carrots, celery, beans, snow peas, cucumber
        • Fruit cups
        • Chips / Pork rinds
        • Crackers / Cookies / Rice cakes
        • Nuts / Seeds / Trail mix
        • Granola / protein bars
        • Beef Jerky
        • Cheese strings, slices, or shredded cheese
        • Pickles and Olives
        • Pudding cups
        • Apple sauce
        • Cereal Bars


        • Water
        • Gatorade or Pedialyte
        • Emergen-C
        • Cold brew coffee
        • Tea packs (easy to stick in a water bottle)
        • Soda
        • Juice


        • A can opener for any cans
        • A knife or scissors
        • A set of cutlery and a plastic cup, plate, and bowl

        Items to Avoid Packing:

        • Avoid dairy products as much as possible as they can spoil very quickly, even in a cooler
        • Avoid taking delicate fruit and veg which can get bashed about and bruised
        • Don’t bring anything in glass containers or bottles (jams, beverages, tupperwares, etc).

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