COACHELLA 2K19: What to Pack for Coachella 2019 Campgrounds

Hi everyone! Coachella 2019 is fast approaching. With week 2 (April 20-22) just under a month away, and week 1 (April 13-15) only TWO WEEKS away, it's time to start planning your trip!

Our friend @Cheshirecatbagan has helped created this list of Coachella 2019 Essentials as a way to outline the items that you’ll need to bring for the festival. The document will be broken into 7 parts, each with further details provided.


    1. coachella wristband what to bringCoachella Requirements - mandatory items for entry into the campgrounds & polo fields
    2. Personal Effects - Part 1: Campgrounds - Items recommended for use on the campgrounds
    3. Personal Effects - Part 2: Inside Coachella - Items recommended once in the venue
    4. Camping Equipment- outlines supplies for the campsite itself
    5. Supplies / Provisions - food, drinks, cutlery, disposal, etc.
    6. Timeline - schedule of events such as departure, return (flexible)
    7. Safety


1. Coachella Requirements 

coachella 2018 packing checklist what to bring camping
    1. Download the Official Coachella App (Android / iOS)
    2. Keep your Wristband safe until the day of the event, and don't put it on too tight once that time comes.
    3. Car Camping Passes are linked to the wristbands they were ordered with so whoever has the linked wristband MUST be in the vehicle used for the camping pass.


2. Personal Items - Part 1: Campgrounds

coachella 2018 packing essentials what to pack
    1. Attire: Dress for the heat and wear breathable, comfortable clothing (especially shoes!!) Keep a warm hoodie or jacket for the evening.
    2. Toiletries: There are showers, but bring your own shampoo, lotions, DEODORANT, toothbrushes, towels, etc.
    3. Medication: If you require medication, make sure you bring it with you. You may also consider bringing supplements.
    4. Bring Lotion / Moisturizer / Sunscreen - It's HOT and DRY in the desert. Lip balm is another must have.
    5. Pocket Tissues: Ladies.....
    6. Hand Sanitizer: In case sinks or soap is not available.


3. Personal Items - Part 2: Inside Coachella

    1. coachella 2018 camping guideCamelbak
    2. Wallet
    3. Sunglasses or diffraction glasses
    4. Bandana and goggles for dust
    5. External batteries/portable chargers
    6. Portable Protein like Power Bars or Kind Bars
    7. Battery powered fan
    8. Pocket Flashlight
    9. Earplugs


4. Camping Equipment

what to pack for coachella 2018 camping
    1. Tent
    2. Sleeping Gear
    3. 10 x 10 EZ Up Canopy 
      1. Party Table
        1. Grill 
          1. Propane Tanks
            1. Large Coolers 
              1. Plastic storage Bin
                1. Lawn Chairs
                  1. Portable Shower Tent w/5G Water Bladder
                    1. Tarp
                    2. Flashlights / Lantern
                    3. Rubber Mallet
                    4. Duct tape (1), Zip-Ties, Bungee Cords
                    5. Cards / Games


                  5. Supplies / Provisions 

                  bring water to coachella 2018
                    1. *****Drinkable Water*****
                    2. Dry Ice
                    3. Pedialyte
                    4. Alcohol
                    5. Taco Meat
                    6. Tortillas
                    7. More Water
                    8. Burger Patties & Buns
                    9. Hot Dogs & buns
                    10. Cutlery & Dishware
                    11. Large Trash Bags
                    12. Condiments...and water
                    13. Kraft singles
                    14. Did we mention WATER??


                    6. Timeline 

                    Week of Coachella 2019

                    1. Gather necessities outlined above
                    2. Organize supplies and equipment and remember who’s responsible for what
                    3. Make sure wristband is activated by this point
                    4. Personals are on your person (wallet, keys, phone, etc.)

                    Day before Coachella (Thursday April 12 / Thursday April 19)

                  2. ~5-9AM

                    • If you're hoping to get prime camping spot, this is the time you'll want to arrive.
                    • Camping check-in doesn’t commence until 9AM, so you can use this time to catch up on sleep and nap in your cars if you’ve had a long day the day before

                    ~9AM-~12PM ish

                    • Check-in happens on a first-come, first-serve basis, so our check-in duration will be dependent on when you arrive.
                    • You can also use this time to socialize with the other parties around you


                    • Set up campsite and arrange the site to allow for maximum room for others to move around and whatnot


                    • Explore the campgrounds, visit the camp center
                    • Make friends, socialize
                    • Drink, eat, be merry
                    • Mentally prep for the epic weekend
                    • SILENT DISCO

                    Week 1 (4/13 - 4/15) & Week 2 (4/20 - 4/22) Starting @ ~10-11 AM

                    • Not much needs to go in this bullet section, as this is when Coachella begins
                    • Go hard and enjoy yourselves!
                    • Also, I highly recommend the come down tent after each day. Great place to unwind and chill

                    Final Day (Sunday 4/15 or 4/22)

                    • ~10 AM-11 PM
                      • This time slot will vary depending on individual, but if you have to be up early on Monday or if you have work, you’d use this time to start taking down your campsite.
                      • Remember who’s responsible for what. We can’t have people losing or forgetting anything.
                    • 10 PM
                      • Camp lockdown is enforced every night from 10PM - 2AM
                      • This means that the earliest you can leave the campsite if you so choose is before 10 PM. However this means you’d miss that night’s headliner (Eminem).
                    • ~12-1 AM
                      • Coachella officially concludes and Eminem has finished his set ;)
                    • ~1 AM-2 AM
                      • Pack up the rest of your belongings that you chose leave for this time. These are usually the lighter effects like coolers, and smaller equipment.
                    • 2 AM
                      • The campground lockdown is lifted, and vehicles can proceed to leave the campground with guided assistance from polo ground personnel

                    7. Safety (TBA)


                    Final Reminders

                    red elwire diffraction glasses light up ledWe always have a few extra toys at events. Our favorites for an all-day outdoor festival like Coachella are these el wire diffraction glasses and this amazing fiber optic space whip! What are your Coachella must-haves to pack? Let us know! Most importantly, remember to be SAFE and be SMART! See you there fellow festival goers!!

                    <3 Moonquail

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