5 Beautiful Heart Shaped Things to Get You Ready for Valentine's Day

Hearts everywhere! Red hearts, pink hearts, happy hearts, broken hearts!

The Heart of the Matter Is, nothing shouts "It's Valentine's Day!" more than hearts. That's why we've composed a short but sweet (like chocolate!) collection of heart shaped glasses, diffraction views, and other gushy-gushy heart-related apparel. Whether you like hearts or not, well... you're in for a lot of love!

heart shaped glasses 

1. Heart shaped glasses

Who can say no to heart shaped glasses? They're a fun spin on the classic aviator-style sunglasses.


heart shape diffraction glasses

2. Heart shape diffraction glasses

Quite possibly the best invention ever are the heart-shape diffraction glasses. Okay maybe we're over exaggerating, but come on, even SCIENCE has a heart!!


heart shaped glitter

3. Heart shaped glitter

DID SOMEONE SAY GLITTER?? Because you know you can never truly ever have enough glitter. 


heart shaped light photography

4. Heart shaped light photography

There are so many cool things you can do with a decent camera and a slow shutter speed. Did you know you can make... you guessed it... hearts using LED lights? Well now you do! You're most welcome.


heart shaped pizza

5. Heart shaped pizza

What? It's not true love without pizza...


We Heart Hearts

Well there you have it folks. Five adorably random things in the shape of hearts to get you thinking about Valentine's Day. What's your favorite heart-shaped item? Let us know