Why We Donate to Puerto Rico and the Hispanic Federation

According to a Harvard University report, Hurricane Maria took the lives of an estimated 4,645 Puerto Ricans. 70 times more than originally estimated. Significantly more deaths than resulted from Hurricane Katrina.

This report confirms what we witnessed on the ground in the days and weeks after the storm -- the lack of adequate support from our federal government resulted in the interruption of care and vital medical services for an unbearable number of our fellow American citizens in Puerto Rico.

It created conditions that led to this tragic outcome.

This news serves as a stark reminder that it's on US -- not the government under President Trump -- to stand tall and stand strong behind our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico....to put in the hard work that will protect lives, rebuild communities, and bring relief and recovery to our fellow citizens.

As Puerto Ricans struggle to recover from Maria, another hurricane season is officially upon us. Hispanic Federation staff and partner agencies who are on the ground will tell you that Puerto Rico is still in great disrepair, with more than 20,000 homes and businesses STILL lacking power.

Thus far, the Hispanic Federation delivered over 7 million pounds of water, food, and essential provisions in all 78 Puerto Rican municipalities to meet the short-term needs of families and children. They have invested in 70 community-based groups to implement locally-led recovery and resiliency projects.

With support, they will gird the island for the storms surely to come. Join as we invest in and invigorate microenterprise, the agricultural sector, nonprofits serving low-income people in Puerto Rico’s rural areas; and support the reconstruction of family homes and rebuild health centers equipped with sustainable solar energy solutions.

Consider making even a small donation with me. You can choose exactly where you want your funds going (90% of which go directly to the cause). Whether it be rebuilding Puerto Rico, LIFT (Latino Immigrant Families Together), or Guatemala disaster relief. https://hispanicfederation.org/donate/

Thank you for reading friends 💙

(Info taken directly from a recent Letter from the Hispanic Federation & from their website)

destruction of hurricane maria in puerto rico