MoonQuail EmazingLights elite chroma white LED gloves
man using white LED gloves

Elite Chroma CTRL Glove Set

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Chroma CTRL Gloves Summary

The Chroma CTRL allows you to choose from a range of 30 different colors and 11 flashing patterns to program across 5 modes. The CTRL is all about user customization, so like the Element, you can rearrange mode order, choose 7 colors per mode and customize your Flashing Pattern on each mode. You can also customize the brightness of each color with Tint Control. This light is also for advanced users. 

Details and Description

Take CTRL and join the growing community of 200,000+ glovers today! Giving a Light Show is about building a connection with your audience and expressing yourself through movement. Glovers have the unique ability to perform a hand-focused dance by manipulating streaks of lights to mesmerize the viewer. In those few moments your hands become an extension of your emotions, and the instrument to express yourself. The light is your paintbrush, and darkness is your canvas.

Easy Color Programming: To set up your glove set, push each microlight to the end of each fingertip of your white gloves and use the eZ to click button in the light to turn it ON/OFF. While on, hold the button until the light turns off to turn it off, continue holding the button to cycle through and select your modes. While off, hold until you see 10 orange flashes to program and mix and match any of the 20 brilliant color options.

5 Hypnotic Modes & Expanded Features: The Chroma CTRLs feature an expanded color palette and battery e-lock protection. You'll never be stuck with the patterns in your default mode slots again. Unlike the Chroma24, each mode slot on the CTRL can be fully modified on-the-fly! You can also use mode reordering to rearrange your modes in any order you want while keeping your programming intact. You can even set it to be less than 5 modes (1 mode for conjuring, 2 modes, 3 modes, etc.) Repeat modes, too.

eLock Battery Saving Mode: Save your batteries for the performance, not your bag. The ezLite glove set features new software that locks your lights when they are off so that accidental clicks don't drain your battery. All ezLites come with eLock engaged and lights installed inside the gloves. Just unlock, and start gloving!

Great for All Ages: Create brilliant light shows that will transform any event! LED gloves are perfect for music festivals, costumes, clubs, parties, raves, dance performances or gifts!


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