Heart Frame Prism Diffraction Glasses

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Fall in love with these lens.

Amplify any light experience with our Love Lens Diffraction Glasses!

Created with style and function in mind, these diffraction glasses will let you see down the rabbit hole and back, warping 
your reality, allowing you to see the festival in a whole new light.

How do Diffraction Glasses work?

Diffraction glasses use a special type of gradient lens which separates light into all the colors of the rainbow!

Created through a laser etching process, the lenses produce a prism effect that results in a glorious, full rainbow effect from edge to edge of the frame.

See Life in a New Light

 Are you bored and desire a little extra visual stimulation?

Enjoy your favorite MUSIC FESTIVALS, LIGHT SHOWS and FIREWORKS with mind-blowing visual effects.
Experience the unique crazy visuals of multiplying light forms in CONCERTS, RAVES or PARTIES and set off to a whole different dimension in entertainment!

Super Clear Lens

Our premium quality lens is manufactured from solid plastic material offering enhanced clarity, to give you the clearest visibility possible. The flexible and sturdy plastic frame ensures maximum durability.