LED Fairy Isis Wings - Rainbow

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LED Fairy / Angel Wings (aka Isis Wings)

Long beloved in bellydance culture, fairy wings (isis wings) have begun to seep into flow art and rave culture as well. These gorgeous LED fairy isis wings are made from high quality iridescent pleated polyester fabric, ensuring that you’ll be visible in the dark even from a distance.

About LED Angel Wings

With a 7.8 yard total width along the edges, our fairy isis wings will look like true, graceful fairy wings. A soft velcro strap attaches at the neck for optimum length and flowing movement, while a slit runs down the center of the wings for lighter, more flowing wings.

Each pair of 140cm long wings (4’9″) contains 126 ultra bright micro LED lights, uniformly aligned every 20cm (8.15″). Our micro LEDs have a lifetime of 100+ hours. There is also a switch near the position of your left hand when you hold the edges of the wings. Here you can easily turn the LEDs on and off without having to take off or reach behind your back for the battery pack.

Colors Available

  • Electric Blue 

  • Splendid Gold 

  • Vibrant Purple

  • Weightless White

  • Raving Rainbow

How to Use & What’s Included

These wings are perfect to dace in, flow in, and give stunning light shows. Included are high quality metal sticks to extend the reach of the wings when in motion, creating an illusion of longer, more flowing wings. If you would rather have wooden rods, please note this in the special instructions during the ordering process.

Our stunning LED fairy isis wings are hand made, and use 3 AAA batteries. The battery pack connects out of the way on the back of the wings, encased in a soft, fabric holster.

Washing Instructions

We don't recommend washing the wings. However, if you must wash them, please carefully hand-wash the fabric – excluding the battery pack – with warm soapy water and leave to air dry. DO NOT get the battery pack wet. Should you accidentally get the pack wet, refrain from turning on the wings. Instead, take out the batteries and leave out to dry in indirect light for at least 24 hours. We cannot guarantee the quality of the wings if you decide to wash them.


Customization & Large Orders Are Available!

If you are interested in other colors, our LED Fairy Isis Wings can also be made to order. Custom wing colors and LEDs are available upon request if you message us first.

For large orders, please message us with your desired colors and quantity. We offer discounts for large orders, but please note due to production time, there may be a slight delay in shipment.

If you are interested in other colors, our LED Fairy Isis Wings can also be made to order. Custom wing colors and LEDs are available upon request. However, because this option is Made To Order, you may experience a slight delay in shipment. Average time before customized orders are shipped is 7-10 business days. Email support@moonquail.com for customization options.