LED Silk Veil Fans (Made to Order)

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Note: All our LED Silk Veil Fans are made to order! Because of customization options and the extensive care we put into your fans, we hand make them after the order is placed. We typically need 7-10 days to make 1 pair of LED fans. If you need to order more it may take longer. Please email us at support@moonquail.com to ask about estimated time needed for producing.

About LED Silk Veil Fans

Traditionally used in bellydancing, silk veil fans have made a comeback to permeate all throughout music and dance culture. Flow artists have come to know and love silk veil fans for their beautiful flowing movement through the air, along with gorgeous customized dyed colors.

But you know what could make silk veil fans even more exciting? LIGHTS!

Our silk and bamboo LED Silk Veil Fans contain a total of 160 super bright colored lights (80 per fan) for the ultimate visual dance experience. The microLED lights are small, and the wire is thin and flexible. This lightweight option keeps the fans from becoming heavy and limits restricted flowing movement.

Fan Details

  • REAL SILK / BAMBOO material
  • 5 FEET in length
  • 34 INCHES wide
  • FAST CHARGING TIME within 1-3 hours
  • OVER 2 HOURS operation time
  • BATTERY CAPACITY 500mAh lithium battery
  • (2) USB CHARGING CABLES included (one per fan)
  • EASY ON/OFF SWITCH on the battery at the base of the bamboo strut

Color Options

  • Red
    • Fabric Color: Black & Red
    • LEDs Color: Red
  • Green
    • Fabric Color: Black & Green
    • LED Color: Green
  • Blue
    • Fabric Color: Black & Blue
    • LED Color: Blue
  • Light Blue
    • Fabric Color: Light Blue & Royal Blue
    • LED Color: Blue
  • White
    • Fabric Color: White
    • LED Color: White
  • Purple
    • Fabric Color: Purple & Pink
    • LED Color: Purple
  • Multi
    • Fabric Color: White
    • LED Color: Pink/Blue/Green multicolor

Customization Available!

We absolutely do accept (even encourage) customized orders for our LED silk veil fans. If you are interested in customized colors, our LED silk veil fans can also be made to order. Mix and match from a multitude of LED colors and fabric, or send us your ideal custom fan colors. We simply ask that you email us at support@moonquail.com and give us roughly 2 weeks to make your fans before shipping. Please note that because this option is Made To Order, you may experience a slightly longer delay in shipment. Average time before customized orders are shipped is about 2 weeks. Email support@moonquail.com for customization options.

How to Use

How do you use LED silk veil fans you ask? We’re glad you asked! There are a multitude of ways you can dance with your LED fans. Our best suggestion is trying them out both during the daylight AND at night with the LEDs shining bright! If you’d like to see a traditional bellydance with LED fans, check out this video below!

Can I Wash My Fans?

We know dancing can get dirty. If you must wash, please carefully hand-wash the fabric – excluding the battery pack – with warm soapy water and leave them out to air dry for at least 24 hours. Please DO NOT get the battery packs wet. We are not responsible for water damage to your lovely wings. Should you accidentally get the pack wet, refrain from turning on the fan lights. Instead, take out the batteries and let the fans dry in indirect light for at least 24 hours.

Large Orders Are Available!

For large orders, please email us with your desired colors and quantity. We offer discounts for large orders, but please note due to production time there may be a slight delay in shipment. Email support@moonquail.com for large order inquiries.

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